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Data center build-outs that enhance your operation.

Whether you need a full design/build or an expansion of an existing data center, we integrate IT insights into every aspect of the project. Faster deployments, better IT insights. Our build-outs reduce your energy costs and enhance your overall operational efficiency.

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Moving to a Colocation Space

Migrate your current facility with confidence. From planning the move to installing the hardware, we manage and coordinate every stage of the operation for smooth and timely integration.

  • Risk & Resource Management

  • Equipment Survey & Evaluation

  • Rack & Stack

  • Project Preparation

  • Destination

  • Physical Move

  • Co-location Coordination

Building a New Data Center Space

Scale smarter with IT experts. We’ll help you plan and design your space to optimize power and cooling capacity.

  • Design Assistance

  • Capacity Planning (Power & Cooling)

  • Site Coordination

  • Purchase & Install Data Center Infrastructure

  • Data Center Cleaning

Project Management

  • Coordinate Materials Logistics

  • Contractor Management

  • Timeline Management

Expanding an Existing Data Center

Integrate legacy systems into your new expansion without compromising operational efficiency. We’re vendor neutral, so you’ll always get best-in-breed solutions that meet your specific needs.

  • Power & Cooling Expansions

  • Air Containment Systems

  • Add On Infrastructure Hardware

  • Migrating Equipment Between Data Centers

  • Data Center Infrastructure Monitoring Software

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