Protecting Your Data Centers From Earthquakes With ISO-Base Technology


In business today, it can sometimes be good to shake things up a bit. But not when it comes to your data centers.

Data infrastructure is increasingly playing a critical role in the vitality and continuity of corporations. Protecting the structural and functional integrity of these literal business lifelines is growing daily in importance.

One big earthquake could essentially shake a company off its foundations.

Fortunately, WorkSafe Technologies has developed powerful solutions to defend against these significant data infrastructure threats.

Don Hubbard, the founder and president of WorkSafe, launched his company 30 years ago to assist organizations in ensuring the safety of their employees and protection of their equipment during major earthquakes.

One of their key solutions is the ISO-Base platform technology which isolates the ground motion away from cabinets and other vital equipment during an earthquake, keeping them safe from harm.

This first-of-its-kind solution allowed WorkSafe to grow exponentially, and since launching have seen their technology used in 30 countries across the globe. They have more than $500 billion dollars’ worth of equipment protected with their solutions.

The technology was put to the test during an earthquake in Alaska measuring 7.1 on the Richter scale. The incident was caught on video and although the data center experienced lengthy and violent shaking, the equipment was comfortably preserved by ISO-Base.

Typically, a data center is anchor bolted to keep cabinets from falling during an earthquake. Although this approach is helpful for increasing the safety of data center workers, it doesn’t offer much protection for the equipment, allowing for catastrophic failure.

What makes the ISO-Base solution so unique is you get the all-important life safety benefits for your staff while keeping the equipment and operational continuity equally healthy as well.

Because of this capability, WorkSafe is being trusted to protect some of this planet’s most essential data networks.

“Presently, we’re isolating the number one computer system in the world and that’s of the (United States) Defense Department,” Hubbard said. “It’s a massive installation and it’s extremely critical with its own internet.”

“This is one of our proudest moments because our solution is proving really vital to our national security.”

What data centers are best suited for the ISO-Base solution? The simple answer is those located in sensitive seismic areas.

Although there was a trend to move data centers to remote areas outside of earthquake zones, there is a recent shift toward locating these facilities once again in higher risk areas.

This is due to edge computing, where these specialized data centers are being positioned back into major population centers, many of these in earthquake prone regions.

The ISO-Base solution can be easily designed and implemented into new data center builds and can also be retrofitted in existing facilities as well.

“One thing many people don’t realize,” Hubbard said, “is that we can actually do live lifts of equipment to install our platforms. You can add ISO-Base to your data centers without experiencing any downtime.”

Instor enjoys a special partnership with WorkSafe Technologies and we are uniquely positioned to assist you with the design and installation of the ISO-Base solution.

If you have any questions and want to learn more about the potential benefits of ISO-Base technology, make sure to contact us today. 

“One big earthquake could essentially shake a company off its foundations.”

Jack Vonich

CEO, Instor

“We can actually do live lifts of equipment to install our platforms. You can add ISO-Base to your data centers without experiencing any downtime.”

Don Hubbard

President, WorkSafe Technologies

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