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Smart Hands Services provide in-house staff with telecommunications expertise to protect your business.

Running a business has enough daily responsibilities without worrying about the technical aspects of IT equipment installation and daily data center demands. Smart Hands Services alleviate in-house staff from having to perform those tasks and allow yeour personnel to fully focus on your business endeavors.

Additionally, unexpected problems arise that can cause an outage and seriously compromise a business. Smart Hands Services can quickly recover uptime and save a business from unnecessary costs during these situations.

Instor’s Smart Hands Service provides highly qualified data center technicians both remotely and on-site to meet your individual data center needs. Instor’s Smart Hands Services can be accessed around the clock daily to lend technical assistance whenever an in-house technician is unavailable.

Smart Hands assist data centers when smaller problems occur by troubleshooting, rebooting servers, or power cycling IT equipment. Smart Hands can provide basic observation of data center environments outside of normal business hours. Smart Hands are also a great solution fore lights out data center environments. Our technicians can perform daily monitoring duties when on-site monitoring is unavailable.

Smart Hands Services provide onsite troubleshooting and solutions when more serious problems occur that have caused in an outage. Our highly trained data center technicians can recover uptime more quickly than inexperienced staff and minimize financial loss for your business.

Smart Hands Services also provide expert installation, replacement, and removal of servers and IT equipment.

Instor’s Smart Hands Services Include:

  • Handling shipping and receiving of materials

  • Rack and Stack of servers and IT equipment

  • Moving equipment between racks and cabinets

  • Installing and securing network cables

  • Inventory management/inventory labeling

  • Data center audits with equipment reports

In addition to providing Smart Hands and Remote Hands Services, Instor also provides comprehensive site preparation with our Data Center Fit Up services to optimize your space.

Our Data Center Fit Up Services Include:

  • Power Solutions

  • Space Solutions

  • Data Center Relocation

  • Conveyance

  • Network / Connectivity Solutions

  • Data Center Cleaning

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