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Special Applications Products from Instor

Sometimes, an outside-of-the-box solution is needed in your data center. See how Instor can help with products including Vertiv’s SmartRow solutions below.

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Vertiv SmartRow

Vertiv positions its SmartRow product as “a data center in a row,” a fully-integrated row-based infrastructure that enables high density capability without the need to build new data center space. Combining up to six racks, SmartRows offer cooling, power, power management as well as monitoring and control with fire suppression capabilities in an enclosed system.

Choose from a single row of racks with 10 to 35 kW capabilities and optional redundant cooling features. SmartRows are designed to work in existing non-raised floor data centers that lack dedicated room cooling. They’re also great at reducing energy consumption by more than 25 percent over conventional designs. Save money over new equipment by exploring Vertiv SmartRow options from Instor today.

Why Instor?

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, we’ve served the data center industry with turnkey infrastructure solutions since 1988. From on-premise to wholesale colocation and retail colocation, we’ve provided innovative solutions for everyone from startups to Fortune 50 companies.

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