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Data Center Automation Pros and Cons


Photo by Pixabay from Pexels Data center automation must be carefully planned and implemented while achieving business goals – not letting technology drive the need but focusing on capability solutions to complete tasks and deliver results. There is no doubt that automation can solve the pain points regarding performing mundane tasks, avoid [...]

Data Center Automation Pros and Cons2019-04-23T11:42:39-07:00

Benefits of HI Fog Fire Suppression in Data Centers


HI FOG fire suppression systems are being used in data centers in lieu of data center sprinkler systems and data center gaseous fire suppression systems. HI FOG offers an alternative method of fire protection that combines some desired features of both gaseous systems and sprinkler systems. What is HI FOG and [...]

Benefits of HI Fog Fire Suppression in Data Centers2019-07-10T11:17:01-07:00

Data Center Fire Suppression Solutions


Which Data Center Fire Suppression Solution Works Best for You? Do you have an effective data center fire suppression system to protect your business in the event of a fire? Data center operators must consider different risks and variables within their individual business' needs. The goal of any manager [...]

Data Center Fire Suppression Solutions2019-07-30T08:54:21-07:00