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We’re excited to announce the first in a series of Instor Data Infrastructure Throwdowns.

Who says high level data decisions aren’t a knock down, drag out affair? And, we might as well have some fun while we’re discovering and debating the merits of the latest advancements in data infrastructure technology.

Our first event is coming to a screen near you and you’ve been selected to receive a complementary front row seat.

What is the best approach to being “chill” when it comes to data infrastructure technology? We’ll get to the bottom of it in less than an hour when we host three of the most knowledgeable names in the business.

Your Referees In The Octagon

Jack Vonich – President of Instor

Nabeel Mahmood – CIO Instor

Our Throwdown Challengers

Harold Simmons

Gobal Director of Strategy as United Metal Products

Harold is an experienced big picture strategist. He has a passion & expertise in evaluating business landscapes & helping companies create,implement, & execute strategic plans that consistently have delivered best in class annualized revenue growth. He holds a Masters and Bachelors degree in Communication related fields as well as additional Corporate Strategy training from HBS.

Currently, in his role at UMP (Founded as United Metal Products, Inc,) his external focus is on helping companies reduce their OPEX associated with their mission critical infrastructure. Harold works with some of the largest companies in the world and a large number of Fortune 50 organizations. In particular, he provides end users with innovative & energy efficient cooling systems that can significantly reduce their TCO. He brings his team industry expertise and knowledge of the overall landscape of the market, recognizes what the main issues in the industry are, and then helps the UCB team create solutions.

His internal focus and passion is on the creation & execution of corporate strategy. This entails serving as a key member of the executive team. Harold believes life is too short to settle for ordinary and incremental outcomes, and as an experienced executive in the data center market his track record is of delivering best in class extraordinary results.

Herb Villa

Senior Applications Engineer at Rittal

Herb is Senior Systems Consultant for Data Center Solutions with Rittal North America, the global leader in modular enclosure solutions. A Navy veteran with a background in mechanical engineering, Herb has more than 25 years of experience in the IT market, having been involved in all aspects of data center and system design, installation and operations.

Herb has also benefited from multiple vantage points – data center operator, manufacturer, systems integrator and corporate trainer. This experience has been used to provide training to end users and engineers & consultants in a variety of forums including conferences, on-site and on-line. Herb has put this knowledge to work for a variety of clients including Fortune 500, financial services, education, government and content and entertainment organizations.

Active member of ASHRAE TC9.9 and has also participated in other industry organizations and consortiums.

Certified CDCDP (Data Center Design professional)

Scott Noteboom

Chief Technology Officer at Submer

Scott Noteboom believes that the only place for a rebel is a revolution…. As Chief Technology Officer @ Submer and Quantum Loophole, Scott currently serves on the front lines of the Decarbonization Revolution. His Submer mission is to deliver a fluid ecosystem for dense electronics and energy that delivers similar benefits that cerebral fluid offers our own personal onboard computers,” including: Superior sterility and  protectiveness, with vastly superior insulative and dissipative capabilities. 

With Quantum Loophole his mission is to help enable next generation data centers that autonomously orchestrate supply and demand between clean energy and cloud computing resources. In both missions his primary objectives align with the same intention: Better, faster, cleaner and cheaper– pick four.

As a former mercenary in the Cloud Revolution, Scott served as VP of Operations @ Yahoo! and Head of Global Infrastructure @ Apple. His team led deployment and operation of two of the world’s largest clouds, as well as innovations in the data center and distributed compute space. Through joining forces with the Clean Energy Revolution, many data center farms were freed from being dirty energy hogs.

Scott more recently served the AI Revolution as CEO and Founder @ Litbit, and began his career early in the Internet Revolution where he started a pretty small underground bulletin board (bbs) that grew into a pretty big Internet Service Provider (ISP.) He also likes to brag about creating one of the world’s first Voice over IP (VOIP) companies, where he learned that being first isn’t always worth bragging about.

A wise person once said that “rebels die.” Scott’s been working to prove that wrong ever since…

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