The Simple Solution To Data Center Power Redundancy


We do not live in a cordless world yet and we won’t anytime soon. Unfortunately, it’s these same cords that can bring the world down. Or at least your data center.

Data centers require immense amounts of power and without a steady, uninterrupted stream flowing to them, catastrophic failure is always looming.

This is why power redundancy is such a critical requirement of intelligently designed and well-built data centers.

There is a famous scene from the 1980 hit movie comedy Airplane where pilots are nervously trying to land their aircraft, when all the runway lights suddenly turn off on approach. The camera shifts to inside the flight tower where actor Steven Stucker is holding an extension cord plug in his hand and mischievously says, “Just kidding” before he puts it back in the socket and the lights return.

Although that famous clip from the movie was hysterical for many of the film’s fans, it’s not funny at all when it comes to losing power at any point of your server chain in your data centers.

The reality is that single power sources fail all too commonly in the sophisticated world of data connectivity. These failures can result in interrupting the operational continuity for a mission critical application and can be crippling to an organization. 

Fortunately, for many years, Zonit has provided an industry-leading solution to overcome the challenges presented by single corded devices.

The Z-ATS Micro (also referred to as the Zonit Micro ATS) automatically switches from the primary power source (A) to the backup source (B) as needed, guaranteeing redundant power to connected devices at all times, thus minimizing downtime.

The Z-ATS Micro can switch between power sources at any phase angle, even 180 degrees out of phase. It is also a one-to-one solution, which means there is a separate Z-ATS Micro for each IT component. At the size of a cell phone, the Micro is the smallest device of its kind on the market and does not take up valuable rack space.

And who doesn’t love a data center infrastructure solution that can be deployed in 15 seconds?

“It’s just a matter of plugging into the primary power source, plugging into the secondary, plugging into the device you’re resolving and then you’re done,” said Danny Latzer, Zonit Western Regional Sales Director.

“No configuring required,” he said. “You don’t have to program it. It doesn’t require any firmware or software. It’s literally just about as plug-and-play as you can get.”

The magic behind the technology is the system’s ability to recognize a power loss and to instantly make the switch to the B source of power.

“These are transferring in about 9 to 11 milliseconds so well beneath the Septima curve,” said Latzer referring to the parametric model measuring power loss failures.

“Typically, the pieces of gear that we’re facilitating have internal capacitance that hold at 20 milliseconds or even longer these days,” said Latzer. “So, in terms of “Is it fast enough?”, the proof is that about 80% of Fortune 100 companies have them deployed in their data centers.”

The Zonit Micro ATS is designed to be seamlessly incorporated into the overall implementation and maintenance strategies of the deployment.

“Through the years we’ve continued to offer varying options and now we have something like 250 different models that have different cord lengths, colors, connectors, rocking or unlocking, many configurations, ported outputs and integrated outputs,” said Latzer.

“If you need customization, you’re going to find we’re pretty agreeable to it,” he said. “We’re like Burger King. All you’ll need to do is order ten units and we’ll make it your way.”

This customized approach to providing high level technology solutions meshes perfectly with how we operate at Instor Solutions. It’s why Zonit has been such a well-matched partner with us.

Instor is able to work with Zonit closely to ensure the design and deployment of their products are handled with seasoned expertise. If you have any questions about this and any other Zonit solutions make sure to contact us today. 

“Data centers require immense amounts of power and without a steady, uninterrupted stream flowing to them, catastrophic failure is always looming.”

Jack Vonich

CEO, Instor

“You don’t have to program it. It doesn’t require any firmware or software. It’s literally just about as plug-and-play as you can get.”

Danny Latzer

Western Regional Sales Director, Zonit

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