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We know you have many choices in the services and products for data infrastructure, so why choose us?

About Instor

Instor, operating under the umbrella of Accelevation Company, thrives on collaboration with a diverse clientele. Whether you are a high-growth startup or a Fortune 1,000 enterprise, our unwavering commitment revolves around crafting tailor-made data center solutions, covering every step from initial whitespace design to fully operational data centers. With a steadfast focus on precision and efficiency, Instor specializes in constructing wholesale colocation, lab, and data center facilities. Our specialized data center fit-up service streamlines the complete construction process, reducing build time and project costs.

As a recognized industry leader, our expertise extends across multiple facets of data center design and manufacturing, encompassing structured cabling, power infrastructure, and specialized containment and cooling solutions.

With over 25 years of industry experience, we provide comprehensive coverage across North America. Additionally, we serve a small sector of the European market with a hub in Dublin, Ireland.

About Accelevation LLC.
Accelevation, a vertically integrated group of manufacturing companies, stands committed to serving the data center, electric vehicle, and high-tech manufacturing markets.

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