modular data centers


Rising in popularity and use, modular data centers allow for unrivaled scalability, flexibility and rapid deployment. 


Modular Data Centers

For those with the need for speed and agility, modular data centers provide the ultimate solution. More and more they are becoming the favored option for organizations experiencing rapid growth.

They perform with excellence for edge computing where latency issues need to be addressed. They work equally well as temporary or even permanent traditional data center alternatives.

With compact footprints, modular data centers provide an immediate option for those applications where available indoor floor space is at a minimum. Because they are easily expandable with multi-module options they can be scaled up quickly and efficiently as your computing needs change.

With Instor’s design and build capabilities, you’ll be able to develop customized configurations that will be easily replicable for both single location and multisite applications. We offer widely-respected options from the leading innovators of modular data center design. 

Modular Data Centers

the Instor difference


  • Offering Best-Of-Class Modular Data Centers
  • Rapid Deployment
  • Customized Solutions
  • All Security Levels

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With the explosion of new challenges and exciting new technology on a daily basis it doesn’t take long for once great strategies and design to grow cumbersome and inefficient. Our team of experts have the answers to your biggest questions and can provide an extensive analysis of your data infrastructure. It’s efficiently provided and at no cost to you.