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structured cabling services


Instor technicians give you an edge by implementing the best practices of structured cabling design and installation

Structured Cabling


From the beginning stages of design to the final and certified installation, our technicians can be trusted to provide you with the highest levels of confidence when it comes to your structured cabling needs.

Working from your specifications, we’ll help you form industry leading schematics and project plans to meet your current needs and to accommodate future growth. 

Our technicians will implement the design flawlessly in your facility. We are singularly focused on minimizing your downtime while thoroughly testing every connection to ensure maximum performance.

Structured Cabling Services

the Instor difference


  • Industry Leading Solutions
  • Certified Installation
  • Fully Customized Approach
  • Design To Deployment
  • In House RCDD

Instor Data Infrastructure


With the explosion of new challenges and exciting new technology on a daily basis it doesn’t take long for once great strategies and design to grow cumbersome and inefficient. Our team of experts have the answers to your biggest questions and can provide an extensive analysis of your data infrastructure. It’s efficiently provided and at no cost to you.