How Old Are Your IT Closets?

Instor can audit your IT closets and craft a Custom Project Plan to upgrade your system seamlessly. You’ll emerge future-proof, with all assets re-cabled, accurately mapped, and minimal impact on your business continuity.

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  • Customized Project Design for Maximum Business Continuity
  • Detailed, As-Built Documentation for All Connectivity
  • Mission Critical Quality, Care and Cleaning
  • Standardized, Compliant Infrastructure
  • Path for Growth and Expansion
  • Assess

  • Design

  • Procure

  • Implement

  • Monitor

IT Closets         IDF Rooms        MDF Rooms        Network Closets        Wiring Closets        Lan Closets        Telecom Closets

These spaces are the nerves of a facility, distributing networking out to individual devices in the system. And they have only grown more complex over time. Not only housing routers and switches, but frequently Power Over Ethernet systems like Life Safety (emergency lighting, alarm, or lighting).

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See How Instor Helped USF Upgrade

Read The Case Study

Instor was able to assist the University of San Francisco with an overhaul of outdated Krone cabling in IT Closets across many buildings on campus.

Read The Case Study

An Exceptional Team

Instor’s extensive experience in IT infrastructure buildout and structured cabling at nearly every type of facility makes our team uniquely qualified to address your organizations’ IT closets. Instor can tailor a project plan to your precise needs and budget and seamlessly execute end to end solutions with precision.

IT Closet Wiring Technician at work

IT Closet Entropy

Mitigate Unmanaged, Undocumented Growth

Network distribution has a tendency to grow more and more complex over time, new gear being layered upon old. Connections don’t get documented, and the system becomes a mystery. The system remains functional, but risks can steadily increase over time.

Poor Cabling is a Breeding Ground for Errors

Is your system still limping along on ancient telecom wiring, such as punch-down blocks or Krone cabling, or have you already upgraded to VoiP? Even with modern cabling, a rat’s nest is a breeding ground for errors, and the tangle can actually throttle networks speed thru crosstalk.

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Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Will your closet UPS be ready when the time comes?

Small UPS systems’ batteries typically only last three years, and rarely come with maintenance contracts. Three years go fast.

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  • Power

  • Security

  • Temperature

  • Fire

  • Leaks

How do you get notified when there’s a problem with your closets?

We can implement a range of technologies that let you know about an issue before it becomes an actual failure.

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How vulnerable is your organization’s network?

Many IT Closets are multi-use rooms. Mitigate the risk of unauthorized access with measures like Locking cabinets, security monitoring.

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Why Instor?

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, we’ve served the data center industry with turnkey infrastructure solutions since 1988. From on-premise to wholesale colocation and retail colocation, we’ve provided innovative solutions for everyone from startups to Fortune 50 companies.

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