Data Center Services



Find the gaps in your facilities and operations and mitigate them with industry leading solutions.


Data Center Services

It’s extremely valuable to have outside experienced eyes to review your company’s systems. Our Enterprise Infrastructure Assessment service begins with a complimentary review option.

We also have an extensive paid assessment offering which evaluates your data center operations at a much deeper level.  

This comprehensive assessment also explores opportunities in systems enhancement through migration, consolidation, potential cloud opportunities, and other methods to reduce cost, and improve operational efficiency.

For most high level executives, it’s virtually impossible to know all of the critical details as well as the strengths and weaknesses of their organization’s data infrastructure systems.

This is solved with a comprehensive assessment provided by the expert team of professionals at Instor.

Instor bridges the data divide in your company, as we speak all of the varied language’s of the technical communities in your organization.

Our assessments differ from those of other providers in that they don’t solely offer abstract analysis. Not only will we give you a comprehensive reading of your system, but we’ll provide actionable intelligence.

Best of all, with our decades of installation and products provision experience, we can put boots on the ground for you and convert these new plans into rapidly and expertly deployed solutions.

Data Center Assessments

The Instor Difference


  • Assessments & Implementations
  • Analyze Both Physical & Software Levels
  • CFO Level Financial Analysis & Impact
  • Actionable Data Provided
  • Highly Experienced Team
  • Offer a Diversity of Expertise
  • We build data centers. We don’t just assess them.
  • Provide Unrivaled Clarity and Action
  • Certified and Accredited Institution

Instor Solution Spotlight

For decades, here at Instor we’ve been working hard to bring you the best solutions for your data infrastructure needs. Our partners are both innovative and time tested and are renowned for their product and service reliability and performance. To help you understand the unique offerings and advantages of these technologies we have created the Instor Solution Spotlight. These 15-20 minute interviews are designed to shine the light on these brilliant solutions.


TIA-942 Audits/Certifications

TIA-942 is a well known telecommunication infrastructure standard for data centers. The audit and certification process provided by EPI reviews, rates and certifies compliance in four categories:

  • Telecommunications
  • Electrical
  • Architecture (Incl. fire safety, physical security, site location etc.)
  • Mechanical

In this episode of Solution Spotlight we’re joined by Joseba Calvo, EPI Americas Managing Partner, to take a closer look at these audits and certifications.

Joseba Calvo – EPI Americas Managing Partner

Some of Instor's Customers