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The tremendous growth of processing and data use is putting mounting demands on cooling solutions for data centers

Data Center


Modern IT loads pose challenges to traditional data center cooling architecture. High density, dynamic load variation require intelligent cooling systems in order to maintain high availability and efficiency.

With products from major manufacturers such as U-Systems, Enconnex, Vertiv, Stulz, APC and Rittal, Instor offers cooling solutions that scale to your business needs.

You can count on Instor to help you design your cooling systems plan, and to get it implemented for you with industry-leading turnarounds and customer service.

Data Center Cooling

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  • Best Of Breed Product Offerings
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With the explosion of new challenges and exciting new technology on a daily basis it doesn’t take long for once great strategies and design to grow cumbersome and inefficient. Our team of experts have the answers to your biggest questions and can provide an extensive analysis of your data infrastructure. It’s efficiently provided and at no cost to you.