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Case Studies


We’ve gathered a collection of case studies showcasing our work with customers.

Case Studies

We enjoy drawing out plans and strategies to assist our customers in making the best decisions possible when it comes to their data infrastructure needs. Yet, the best measure of our value to you is the actual results we’ve been able to provide for others.

What follows is a series of case studies of work we’ve provided for our customers. What can we build for you?

Colo Move In 45 Days

From Whitespace To Done

A high technology company needed a 4,500 SF colocation facility built out in 45 days. The process required relocating existing systems across the United States.

Instor responded to the challenge by performing six months of work in six weeks, achieving maximum power and scalability on time and under budget.

Big Energy Savings

In Hollywood

A major Hollywood studio was looking for energy savings and their 5,000 square-foot data center was running at 2.0 PUE (Power usage effectiveness). Today, the movie business requires data – and lots of it – to store the endless terabytes of its creative and intellectual property. Wanting to revamp its HVAC system for energy savings while maintaining 100 percent uptime 24/7, the client reached out to Instor to help deliver blockbuster results.

Often, it takes a fresh set of eyes to identify the heart of the matter. That’s exactly what the Instor team did when it suggested the client turn to an active heat containment chimney system. Instor delivered an unconventional solution via heat chimneys, realizing a new PUE of 1.7 and 950,000 KWH in energy savings per year.

Saving Power For Healthcare Provider

Nearly $1 Million Saved

Saving power was a priority for a healthcare client who was running out of power and rates that were off the charts.  They also needed to conform to greener standards so the national health-care company took a good, hard look at its three data centers. It was a challenge the Instor team was up for.

The first step in saving power was to bring together its IT and facilities teams to devise a plan to rein in the energy consumption at all three of its data centers. Realizing the importance of reducing the PUE at its northern California facility, the client got in touch the containment pros at Instor to help it reduce power consumption and eventually qualify for an energy savings rebate.

Case Studies

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