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It’s extremely valuable to have outside experienced eyes to review your company’s systems. Our Enterprise Infrastructure Assessment service begins with a complimentary review option. We also have a an extensive paid assessment offering which evaluates your data center operations at a much deeper level.  This comprehensive assessment also explores opportunities in systems enhancement through migration, consolidation, potential cloud opportunities, and other methods to reduce cost, and improve operational efficiency.

Data Center


Is your business about to outgrow its current data center infrastructure? Control the build of your data center space to accommodate all your needs, now and into the future with Instor’s data center fit-up and build-out services.  Instor’s team of experts provide you with customized power, cooling, containment and IT infrastructure strategies that are scalable for your future growth. Instor will build out a data center space both on schedule and within budget to protect your data and maintain uptime.

Structured Cabling


From the beginning stages of design to the final and certified installation, our technicians can be trusted to provide you with the highest levels of confidence when it comes to your structured cabling needs. Working from your specifications, we’ll help you form industry leading schematics and project plans to meet your current needs and to accommodate future growth. 


& Migration

Don’t stay puzzled trying to piece together a relocation plan. Let us handle your data center relocation project while you focus on your daily operations. Moving a data center is stressful enough. Trying to accomplish this with in-house staff or inexperienced contractors can have devastating results. You shouldn’t have to risk unexpected downtime or damage to your IT equipment. Lean on us to migrate your systems with seamless professionalism. 



Whether designing a server room, planning an IT equipment upgrade or embarking on a full-scale data center build-out, there are many crucial steps that go into successfully completing a project. Businesses that use their own in-house staff to act as project management risk making costly and time-consuming missteps. When your team has to juggle existing daily business activities while managing a complicated project plan, it will often result in task overwhelm and critical errors. These inevitably mean increased costs and project delays, not to mention frustrated team members. Trust Instor to manage your projects for maximum results, and to minimize the impact on your team’s day-to-day performance.

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A data center can look clean to the naked eye, but can actually be filled with harming micro-contaminants like belt debris, zinc whiskers and ferrous metals. These micro-threats are often overlooked, and their power underestimated. Without a proper cleaning and maintenance plan, the results could lead to a financially devastating unplanned downtime. You can avoid this by keeping your data centers clean with Instor’s expert and reliable services.


& Stacking

If the people in your organization are like most in this bustling age of growth and change, they are already experiencing challenges in keeping up with their daily, critical activities. To put them on a project of installing new equipment could put them over the edge. Our talented and trustworthy team of professionals are here to help. We can rack and stack with the best of them, while your team keeps your business moving forward. 

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Our team of vetted data center professionals have the expertise to create a customized long-term IT solution that fits your business. Our single point of contact business model is vendor neutral, which enables us to build a customized space that provides you with optimized IT infrastructure, power and cooling. Put our experience as well as our tried and true best practices to work for your upcoming projects. We can assist you from concept to completion.

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When it’s time to leave your colocation or data center space, most rental agreements require that everything be restored back to its original condition.  This requires that all of the cabinets, ladder racks, electrical equipment, raised floors, and any other data center infrastructure be removed and be reused or disposed of properly.  This process is just as intricate as implementation. Our professional data center decommissioning service can ease the burden after a migration and ensure that the rental agreements and contracts are met.



Instor can audit your IT closets and craft a Custom Project Plan to upgrade your system seamlessly. We’ll recommend and can install performance enhancements to your cooling and power systems. You’ll emerge future-proof, with all assets re-cabled, accurately mapped, and minimal impact on your business continuity.



Because of power demands and the amount of heat produced with data center systems, fire is always a risk. Worrying about this can be a distraction to your critical tasks. Instead, be confident with data center fire suppression solutions that fully meet your facility requirements. We can craft a containment solution compatible with your existing data center fire suppression system, making your operations more efficient while keeping it safe.



How quickly do your staffing needs change? For most data centers, the answer is, “rapidly.” If controlling costs while maintaining uptime and service quality are top of mind, then on-site and remote support with Instor’s Staffing Augmentation Services is the perfect way to bridge your staffing gaps.

Data Center


Most companies seek our assistance when they are in a high growth mode. Expansion and migration can put a heavy load on your internal labor resources, which is why so many put their trust in Instor to handle all of their expansion and migration needs.



When it comes to the development of your data center facilities, having a professional representative on your team to advise you on the latest products and strategies is essential. Our experts are well versed on all aspects of data center design-and-build and as your Owner Representative we can negotiate on your behalf to ensure you’re getting the highest quality at the right price.

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