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Instor can supply you with the data center racks you need from all of the brands that you trust

Data Center


From racks to enclosures and earthquake-proofing cabinet support solutions, Instor partners with the top names in the data center industry to provide world-class products for your next build-out, upgrade or colocation move.

Our trusted vendor partners include Chatsworth, Eaton, DAMAC, APC, Legrand, SWDP, Rack Solutions, Enconnex, Rittal and many others.

Explore our many solutions, some with the capability to handle up to 200 kW per cabinet.

Regardless of the size or scope of your project, we’ll be able to design and deploy a solution for you.

Data Center Cabinets

the Instor difference


  • Best Of Breed Manufacturers
  • Experts At Maximizing Whitespace Footprint
  • Specialists At Containment Integration
  • Customized Cabinets For Advanced Applications
  • Advanced Strategies For Reducing Cooling Costs.
  • Full Service Cabinet Installation

Instor Data Infrastructure


With the explosion of new challenges and exciting new technology on a daily basis it doesn’t take long for once great strategies and design to grow cumbersome and inefficient. Our team of experts have the answers to your biggest questions and can provide an extensive analysis of your data infrastructure. It’s efficiently provided and at no cost to you.