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Data Center Products

From racks to enclosures and earthquake-proofing cabinet support solutions, Instor partners with the top names in the data center industry to provide world-class products for your next build-out, upgrade, or colocation move. Our trusted vendor partners include Chatsworth, Eaton, DAMAC, APC, ISO-Base by Worksafe Technologies, Legrand, SWDP, Rack Solutions, Enconnex, Rittal and many others. Explore our many solutions.


Data Center Products

Data center caging strategies are essential today for security. With many organizations choosing colocation to solve their rapidly expanding data infrastructure needs, cages are a requirement to keep your data safe and secure. Our expert cage team can provide design, materials, and deployment assistance for even the most difficult cage requirements.


Data Center Products

Instor provides sales, design, and installation of ceiling grids from Armstrong, Tate, Gordon, and Cooper B-line. When you need to suspend heavy items from your data center’s ceiling, it’s best to work with a design that’s tailored to your needs. Strut ceiling grid support systems help support and organize critical infrastructure such as electrical, lighting, cable raceways, trays and other components. Let Instor help you select and install the ceiling grid components that are right for your data center.

Containment & Airflow Management

Data Center Products

Which containment strategy works best for your data center – be it hot aisle or cold aisle – is an individual choice depending on a number of factors. What isn’t in question is the undeniable benefit of keeping hot air from mixing with cold. Instor offers flexible, feature-packed containment solutions from all major manufacturers to help eliminate hot spots and  increase cooling efficiency.


Data Center Products

When it comes to cable management within the unseen spaces in your data center, there are a couple of options: overhead or beneath the raised floor. It’s important to ensure your cables aren’t inhibiting airflow and thereby causing thermal issues. Many data center managers opt to keep the area under the raised floor clear to allow for cool air to travel unimpeded, meaning they choose to run cables overhead. These conveyance systems can enhance your efficient and performance and we can assist you with design and product solutions.


Data Center Products

Modern IT loads pose challenges to traditional data center cooling architecture. High density, dynamic load variation require intelligent cooling systems in order to maintain high availability and efficiency. With products from major manufacturers such as Eaton, U-Systems, Enconnex, Vertiv, Stulz, APC, and Rittal, Instor offers cooling solutions that scale to your business needs.

Earthquake Mitigation

Data Center Products

Does your server room have an earthquake mitigation system? Is your data center located in an earthquake hazard zone?  Instor provides you with ISO-Base to protect your people and your IT equipment during an earthquake.

Fire Suppression

Data Center Products

There are so many aspects of fire suppression that are essential to ensuring a safe and proper installation. Whether you are building your system from scratch, integrating it into your central system or retrofitting a current system, we have strategies and products to assist you in your goals. 

Flooring & Airflow Tiles

Data Center Products

Data centers demand a lot – cooling, heating, proper airflow, miles of cables… the list goes on. One solution to these problems is a raised floor and associated airflow tiles to ensure proper flow of air throughout the data center. Instor partners with Tate and Triad to offer raised floor and airflow tile solutions for all sizes of data centers. 

Modular Data Centers

Data Center Products

For those with the need for speed and agility, modular data centers provide the ultimate solution. More and more they are becoming the favored option for organizations experiencing rapid growth. We offer widely-respected options from the leading innovators of modular data center design. 

Monitoring & Management Systems

Data Center Products

With so many data center operations to manage, how can a team ensure that everything is functioning at its most efficient and high performing levels? With instor, you’ll get a team of professionals who can assist you with the knowledge and equipment needed to monitor your systems with confidence.

Physical Security

Data Center Products

A rapidly expanding data environment has stretched in-house teams to the limit in the terms of keeping up with growth and corporate objectives. It’s easy for security demands to fall behind. With Instor you’ll benefit from a host of products and processes for enhancing security across your data infrastructure. From the latest in cameras, cage technology, and biometric access systems, to monitoring software or even laser protection systems, we have your physical security covered.


Data Center Products

Choosing the right data center power solution is a challenge for any data center manager. Our 300+ years of combined data center expertise can help you navigate the pitfalls and perils that come with the design of a modern data center power system. Instor understands and can integrate all points of the data center power chain from the generators, switchgear, STS, UPS, transformers, room PDUs, busway systems, RPPs, tap cans, power whips, rack power distribution, to power monitoring systems. 


Data Center Products

The implementation of fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) structures in data center builds is expanding rapidly and with enthusiasm. These lightweight and low carbon footprint applications include support structures for fuel tanks, HVAC, mezzanines, guardrails, stair cases and so much more. They are also excellent for generator sound walls.

Structured Cabling

Data Center Products

Instor’s design and engineering team is an industry leader in the drafting, provisioning, and installation of structured cabling solutions for data centers.  Whether you are installing a new low voltage cabling system, structuring your point-to-point cabling, or moving/extending your server room, we have you covered.

Data Infrastructure Products

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