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Our Instor Solution Spotlight has proven to be a big hit. And now, it’s available to you in podcast format as well.

Whether you’re on the run, mowing the lawn, or on a long commute, you can now enjoy learning about the latest in data infrastructure solutions through your ear buds or car speakers.

For decades, here at Instor we’ve been working hard to bring you the best solutions for your data infrastructure needs. Our partners are both innovative and time tested and are renowned for their product and service reliability and performance. 

To help you understand the unique offerings and advantages of these technologies we have created the Instor Solution Spotlight.

These 15-20 minute interviews are designed to shine the light on these brilliant solutions.

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Micro ATS

Designed specifically to overcome the challenges presented by single corded devices, the Z-ATS Micro (also referred to as the Zonit Micro ATS) automatically switches from the primary power source (A) to the backup source (B) as needed, guaranteeing redundant power to connected devices at all times, thus minimizing downtime.

In this episode of Solution Spotlight, hosted by Instor CEO Jack Vonich, we’re joined by Danny Latzer, Western Regional Sales Director for Zonit, to learn more about their industry leading technology.

Danny Latzer – Zonit Western Regional Sales Director


EDGE™ Rapid Connect

Enable fast, easy data center interconnect (DCI) deployments with the Corning EDGE™ Rapid Connect Solution. Designed to facilitate DCI deployments and connections between data halls, EDGE Rapid Connect Solution utilizes trunk cables with the all-new Fast-Track MTP® Connector.

In this episode of Solution Spotlight, hosted by Instor CEO Jack Vonich, we’re joined by Brian Rhoney, Director Of Market Development for Corning, to learn more about their groundbreaking new technology.

Brian Stamper – Chief Revenue Officer Of Advantic


Starline Track Busway

Starline, a brand of Legrand, first introduced their track busway solution in 1987. The Starline Track Busway provides for overhead power distribution featuring a continuous access slot that runs along the bottom of the system. This allows for the flexibility of being able to easily change or add to operational layouts in the future without losing any uptime.

In this episode of the Solution Spotlight podcast, hosted by Instor CEO Jack Vonich, we’re joined by John Berenbrok, Manager, Product Management of Starline, to learn more about overhead power distribution.

John Berenbrok – Manager, Product Management Of Starline


Fiber-Reinforced Polymer (FRP)

Fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) has been used in the aerospace industry for many years to replace much heavier steel and concrete structures and is rapidly being embraced now for data center applications. Advantic’s FRP structural solutions dramatically reduce installation lead time, costs and carbon embodiment.

In this episode of Solution Spotlight we’re joined by Brian Stamper, Chief Revenue Officer of Advantic, to learn more about fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP).

Brian Stamper – Chief Revenue Officer Of Advantic



400G/800G migration, increased reliability requirements, rising deployment and maintenance costs—staying ahead of your data center’s infrastructure challenges is tough. CommScope makes it easier with Propel™, the end-to-end, ultra-low loss, modular structured cabling fiber platform that easily and quickly adapts to all of your network challenges.

In this episode of the Solution Spotlight Podcast we’re joined by Matt Baldassano, CommScope Technical Consultant, to learn more about this exciting technology.

Matt Baldassano – CommScope Technical Consultant


TIA-942 Audits/Certifications

TIA-942 is a well known telecommunication infrastructure standard for data centers. The audit and certification process provided by EPI reviews, rates and certifies compliance in four categories:

  • Telecommunications
  • Electrical
  • Architecture (Incl. fire safety, physical security, site location etc.)
  • Mechanical

In this episode of the Solution Spotlight podcast, hosted by Instor CEO Jack Vonich, we’re joined by Joseba Calvo, EPI Americas Managing Partner, to take a closer look at these audits and certifications.

Joseba Calvo – EPI Americas Managing Partner



DefenseShield™ provides radio frequency (RF) shielding mitigating signals emanating from or interfering with electronics within the enclosure. The cabinet features lightweight, rugged construction in a standard server rack form factor allowing installation in an office, lab, or datacenter applications.

In this episode of Solution Spotlight we’re joined by Robert Faulkner, VP Engineering & Operations at Enconnex, to learn more about DefenseShield.

Robert Faulkner – VP Engineering & Operations Of Enconnex



ISO-Base™ platforms are in use throughout the world protecting valuable IT Equipment from disruptions such as earthquakes. Its unique modular and patented plank design allows the build-out of sleek low-profile rows for isolating all types server racks and IT equipment, in varying sizes and weights.

In this episode of Solution Spotlight we’re joined by Don Hubbard, President of Worksafe Technologies, to learn more about ISO-Base.

Don Hubbard – President Of Worksafe Technologies

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