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Think for a second. What’s the most outdated element in your data center? The servers? The CRAC unit? That senior IT guy who has worked for you for what seems like forever?

Wait, don’t answer that last one.

For one recent client, it was the need to update some seriously old Krone cables in their IT closets, which led to a system-wide network gear refresh and upgrade.

Last summer, the University of San Francisco was looking for a modern solution to its campus-wide IT network. Having been let down by undisciplined contractors in the past (ones who simply wouldn’t show up or would arrive with a partial, ineffective crew), the university was skeptical about bringing on a new third party to help with its network refresh. Within two hours of getting off the phone with Instor, our team was on site, reassuring USF that the project could be handled quickly, competently and in a cost-effective manner.

The job involved mapping out the university’s cabling system. The first step was to replace an outdated Krone patch panel system and to schedule the switchover around times when students weren’t on campus reduce downtime risks. In all, Instor cut over eight closets, 36 switches, 44 Krone panels, 2,400 patch cables and 500 telco lines in a single weekend.

The story of all the moving parts involved in the project is a fascinating one and it’s worth a read here.

Time for a Closet Refresh?
Back to your closet for a second. Is there something outdated that could use a closer look? No two IT closets are the same, as we discovered on the USF project. We will audit your IT closets and craft a custom project plan to upgrade your system seamlessly. In the end, you’ll come out of the experience future-proof, with all assets re-cabled, accurately mapped and with minimal impact on your business continuity. Your customized project will assure you have a clear path for future growth and expansion and that your company will meet its future goals without a hitch.  

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