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In this week’s roundup, several major data center media outlets look back on their 2018 predictions; others look ahead; more than 50 percent of data centers still aren’t GDPR compliant and more news.

Data Center News Roundup for Friday, Jan. 4, 2019

How’d those Predictions Go?

Data Center Frontier’s Rich Miller takes an honest look back at his 2018 predictions for the industry, scoring himself on whether a prediction was a hit, miss or too early to tell. In all, his predictions were pretty accurate, with a few “too earlys” and only one straight-up miss. Among his hits: the prediction that on-premise workloads would move to colos and the cloud; Artificial Intelligence’s heightened role in the data center; and hyperscalers moving to renewable energy. His only miss? The possibility of more local disputes over data centers being built in their region. Read the full rundown hereData Center Dynamics also reviewed its 2018 predictions here.

Top Trends for 2019

Naturally, as we look back on 2018, it’s also time to look ahead to the data center trends that may shape 2019. DC Dynamics does just that in its top data center and colocation trends piece just out this week. In it, RagingWire VP James Lynch predicts data centers will experience lower costs “without reducing application availability by building up the ‘N’ (infrastructure) muscle and losing the ‘plus fat.’” He also calls for hyperscale and edge to combine for a new term called, get this, “hedge computing.” Lynch predicts that 5G will be on everyone’s minds in 2019 and that data centers will work even more with global suppliers. Read his full take here.

More than Half of Facilities not GDPR Compliant

In 2018, it was hard to miss the news about GDPR, Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation, a set of laws designed to protect consumer privacy. GDPR had wide-reaching consequences, requiring any company doing business in Europe (including those based in the United States) to comply. There’s only one problem. Since its inception in May, 2018, GDPR has only seen partial adoption worldwide, according to Data Center Frontier. Recent surveys show that only half of companies impacted by GDPR are actually GDPR Compliant. Twenty percent of those surveyed indicated that being fully GDPR compliant was all but impossible. DC Frontier digs into why so many companies still aren’t on board. Learn more here.

Know This Before Building

According to Phil Rafferty of Data Specialties, Inc., there are three things you need to know before building a new data center. Writing in Data Center Knowledge this week, Rafferty runs down these three elements, including the need to examine your existing facilities (including any colo or cloud services you’re using); your business’s’ goals with the new build and the physical environment you’re considering building in. He offers up a list of crucial questions to ask before building, such as “how old are my existing facilities,” and “How do we cool our existing data center and how will we cool the new one?” Read it here.