Data Center News for Friday, May 17, 2019.

This week in data center news, the UK’s data industry shrugs off Brexit worries, an uptick in server purchases, new age edge solutions and a new 75MW campus in northern Virginia.

Northern Virginia News
Compass Datacenters, previously known for wholesalse facilities, will begin construction on a planned 75MW data center campus in northern Virginia, Data Center Dynamics reported this week. Located near Ashburn, the campus will come online slowly over time and will feature 500,000 square feet of space for cloud and hyperscale clients. The build comes after a long battle over environmental concerns in the area. More here.

Edge Solutions that Reduce Headaches
Writing in Data Center Knowledge this week, StorMagic CEO Hans O’Sullivan takes on the subject of edge adoption, which has soared in recent years, thanks to the increasingly popular hybrid IT model. He argues that customers don’t always know what to do with their hardware and services and that they’re not maximizing their potential in most cases. In a perfect world, O’Sullivan says, “solutions deployed at the edge will practically run themselves.” But, some rethinking is required. Among his suggestions: keep costs low; employ centralized remote management; keep availability high; tap into the power of automation. For details on his tips, check out the piece.

Brexit: What, Me Worry? 
As the Brexit negotiations slog on in the United Kingdom, one thing that hasn’t slowed down is venture capital spending in London and the rest of the small, but powerful English island, Data Center Dynamics reports this week. European investors continue to pour money into data centers and customer support staff in the U.K. Naturally, Brexit is presenting quite a few obstacles for those considering opening shop in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, but as IONOS CEO Achim Weiss says, “Irrespective of Brexit, the UK will continue to be a huge market for investment, with its 66 million potential customers.’ More here.

Server Purchases Up
Writing for GreenBiz, Heather Clancy says despite concerns about energy costs and impacts to the environment, the data center industry remains strong. She points to two surveys from the past year. The surveys note that purchases of servers for on-premise data centers remains strong, thanks in part to blockchain, AI and investments in other emerging technologies. One way to combat this is VMWare’s Carbon Avoidance Meter, a tool to help data centers remain sustainable for the foreseeable future. Learn about it here.

Ready to Migrate?
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