Data Center Cooling Options

If you could design the perfect data center, what would be at the top of your list? A Hawaiian location? An endless budget? Perfect employees who never make mistakes? OK, we can all dream. But when it comes to the reality of data centers, efficiency tops many realistic lists.

And make no mistake, proper cooling is a big part of efficiency.

These days, data centers just aren’t sustainable with traditional cooling architecture in place. Thanks to the demands of high density and dynamic load variations, an intelligent cooling system is a must-have for every data center operator. Not just for efficiency’s sake, but for the sake of availability, uptime and general best practices.

Knowing this is half the battle, but the other half involves digging into the weeds and understanding the ins and outs of cooling systems, including the latest technology and which manufacturers to trust.

When you’re seriously considering an upgrade to your cooling system, here are some of the elements to consider.

The Big Unit: No, we’re not talking about former Diamondbacks pitcher Randy Johnson (nickname: “The Big Unit”), but rather the Computer Room Air Conditioner and Handler (CRAC and CRAH) that keeps your data center nice and chilly on a room-by-room basis. It’s not only critical that you purchase the proper units for your data center, but that you also place them in the correct position, considering the location of computer equipment rows and the optimal delivery of cold air. Heat rejection is also vital to maintaining efficient cooling levels in the data center.

Other options: A popular alternative to CRAC units are in-row cooling units which are perfect for smaller and mid-sized data centers. In-row cooling offers more precise management of temperature and airflow, especially when you can monitor server inlet temps. Top manufacturers of in-row units include Vertiv, Shultz and APC.

Rear-door units are another popular choice because they deliver cold air into enclosures while pulling hot air from rack servers. Many data center professionals prefer this method because of its cost-effectiveness.

Three Easy Steps to Cooling Nirvana

Of course, you can wade through all the details and eventually find a cooling unit that will suit your data center, but it still leaves the task of properly installing the units for maximum efficiency and cooling.

May we present an alternative that won’t break the bank and will offer a strong ROI over a short time? Follow these three easy steps.

  1. Visit Instor’s cooling page to learn more about cooling products from trusted third-party manufacturers.
  2. Contact the team at Instor for a no-hassle assessment of your current data center’s cooling  configuration.
  3. Kick back and enjoy the breeze – and the improved efficiency in your data center.

Sounds easy, right? It is. The fact is, Instor takes a vendor-agnostic approach, meaning we find the right solution tailored to the needs of your business. We start with the end goal in mind, then work backward from there to find solutions.

To learn more about our approach and to read case studies of other companies just like yours that we’ve helped achieve efficiency, visit our case study page here.