staff augmentation data centers

Everyone, from time to time, needs a helping hand. Think of the greatest partnerships from history. Sure, everyone remembers Steve Jobs, but he would have gone nowhere without the dutiful assistance of Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak. Same goes for Yankees great Mickey Mantle, who would have had a lot fewer RBIs without Roger Maris batting ahead of him in third. 

Needless to say, with the right partnership in place, the impossible can become achievable. 

It’s no different for data center operators, who face many of the same challenges any other business faces. Whether it’s a recession, an economic boom, a spike in customer demand or just due to seasonal variations, staffing levels almost always fluctuate over time. 

There are a couple of ways to deal with staffing gaps, but one way is more cost effective in the long- and short-run than others. Firstly, you can bring on new staff. Sounds reasonable, right? But think of the costs associated with onboarding new team members. It’s not a cheap proposition, especially when your crystal ball is broken and you can’t see into the future well enough to know whether there will be a need for that position in six months or a year. There’s also the issue of qualifications. When you have a highly specified assignment, you’re not likely to find the right person for the job if you’re only looking for part-time help. 

A Smart Solution
Enter staff augmentation services from Instor. Designed to help bridge the gap for fluctuating staffing levels, this program understands that business needs change – often quickly – in data centers. On-site and remote support from Instor is the perfect way to close the gap between your business needs and reality. And, with the ability to choose staff for weeks, months or even longer, we’ve put the power of flexibility in your hands. 

A few of the services we offer: 

  • Full or part-time techs
  • Rack/stack
  • Network documentation
  • Cable tracing and infrastructure data cabling
  • Equipment inventory
  • Hardware configuration
  • Dock loading/unloading
  • Many more

Each Instor-approved tech undergoes a rigorous security check and drug screening. They’re trained to blend your company’s best practices with the wisdom and knowledge accrued by Instor over the past 30-plus years. 

Our certified techs undergo a full security background check and drug screening. They operate using a blend of your company’s and Instor’s best practices to ensure all expectations are met, 24/7.

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