conveyances and pathways cables

Cables. There are so many of them in a data center that if you stretched them out, end to end, well, you’d have a lot of cables to clean up. (Seriously, don’t do that. You’ll end up looking silly.) Still, the amount of cables in any given facility is no laughing matter and it’s important to keep them neatly bundled, secured and properly labeled to avoid potential headaches down the road. 

Perhaps you’ve heard the old debate among data center professionals. It’s the one that says cable should be run overhead rather than underneath the raised floor to allow for pure, cool air to travel unimpeded. It’s a good argument, but it’s not the only one out there. Some managers swear by running cables under the floor. Whichever side of the debate you stand on, the simple fact remains: you have to deal with your cables in the way that works best for the operation of your data center. It’s a bonus if you can do so in a manner that doesn’t inhibit airflow or lead to unintended thermal issues. 

Data Center Conveyances for Easy Cable Management

Whether you choose to work with Instor or go the DIY route, here are three of the most common solutions for data center conveyances in pathways out there. 

  • Basket Trays: These days, vertical solutions such as basket-style cable trays are gaining popularity as more and more facilities managers shed their old standard steel runways. These have the advantage of providing support while serving as a grounding conductor. Wire mesh trays are particularly popular and come from manufacturers such as Legrand, Chatsworth, Panduit and Cooper B-line. When installed properly, these tools will help protect your cables while maximizing network uptime.
  • Ladder Racks: Most data centers have at least a few quirky turns and unusual angles. For these special cases, ladder racks help support network cabling drops, especially when you’re running bundles between closets, racks and cabinets. They’re also great for use along walls. 
  • Fiber Troughs: Built of steel and PVC, fiber troughs look simple, but they do all the heavy lifting when it comes to cables. A tough, durable solution for all manner of data center environments, fiber troughs are made by our manufacturing partners at Chatsworth, Panduit and Legrand. 

At Instor, we will not only design your cable conveyances and pathways, but we’ll install them to ensure they perform exactly as they were designed to – and to meet the individual needs of your data center. To learn more about conveyances and pathways, visit our website or get in touch with an Instor pro for a quote today