Could A Data Center Analysis Save You $70 Million?


When it comes to data infrastructure planning, building and maintaining, insisting on trying to see the forest through trees can be extraordinarily expensive.

As admirable as it is to lean solely on the expertise of your internal team, having a third-party advisor who can provide objective and highly experienced input can be absolutely game changing.

When it comes to data center efficiencies, uptime, and performance, having the proper intel from the start to the finish can make all the difference.

It’s what the industry’s well-respected team at Excipio Consulting calls “Data Center Lifecycle Management” and it’s designed to assist organizations through comprehensive gap analysis to eliminate engineering issues in their operations.

This deep dive also explores consolidation and alternative strategies, process, and timelines in order to minimize risk and financial loss.

As a result of their analysis and recommendations you’ll have a thorough understanding of your data center’s true technical, business, and financial current state and future potential.

It’s the kind of understanding that can save your organization many millions of dollars.

“We evaluated a customer’s IT operations, and we were able to streamline their operations to the point that it had the potential to save them $70 million over five years,” said David Hutchison, President of Excipio.

Although this kind of advice relies heavily on decades of experience in all aspects of data center infrastructure and operations, many times it’s establishing efficiencies in communication that provides the biggest positive impact.

“We help our clients make strategic decisions,” said Hutchison, “and oftentimes they struggle with those. The reason is there are three different legs of the stool; business, finance and IT, and they often don’t communicate well with each other and that gets sluggish and costly.”

“That’s where we help bridge that gap across an organization. Our job is to provide information, options, and costs for them to make the best decisions for their business.”

Frequently, this information can be uncomfortable to receive.

“Our firm always is going to share the good, the bad, and the ugly,” said Hutchison. “We will always give you the facts.”

Sometimes these facts receive serious pushback.

“One of the things we do early in the project is to create a baseline for what their facility is costing them in the first place,” said Hutchison. “You’d be surprised how many times you go back to the executives and say, ‘Hey, you need to fix some problems in your data center and you’ll need $7 million to do this.’”

“They’ll say, ‘$7 million? You’re out of your mind!’’

“But then we’ll explain that they already have $30 million invested in the facility and they should expect to spend about 20% of that every five years for maintenance and enhancements.”

“By hearing from us from this broader industry perspective they usually then respond with a ‘Oh…okay, now that makes sense.’”

Much of what Excipio provides is just that. Making sense out of the highly complex and rapidly evolving world of data center infrastructure. Being able to translate all this information and advice through multiple levels of an organization is something they specialize in providing.

Excipio also is unique in how they approach their business.

“We’re not a ‘land and expand’ type of consultancy,” said Hutchinson. “We’re not trying to parachute in an army that will never leave. We’re just serving as a supplement to your staff. And, when the work is done, so are we.”

This type of integrity-based, quality service resonates with how we serve our customers as well at Instor Solutions.

This is why we enjoy a thriving partnership with Excipio Consulting.  If you have any questions about their services and what they can provide for your organization, make sure to contact us today. 

“When it comes to data center efficiencies, uptime, and performance, having the proper intel from the start to the finish can make all the difference.”

Jack Vonich

CEO, Instor

“Our firm always is going to share the good, the bad, and the ugly. We will always give you the facts.”

David Hutchison

President, Excipio

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