Overhead latter racks and basket trays

Data Center Ceiling Products

Don’t Neglect the Overhead

It’s easy to overlook certain components of your data center. That is, until something goes wrong with them. Take ceilings, for example. Part of the structure of any good data center, ceilings provide suspension, support, lighting and a general sense of confidence in your operations. Explore data center ceiling products from Instor’s partners below.

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Ceiling Grid Products

Instor provides sales, design and installation of ceiling grids from Tate, Gordon Inc. and Cooper B-line. When you need to suspend heavy items from your data center’s ceiling, it’s best to work with a design that’s tailored to your needs. Strut ceiling grid support systems help support and organize critical infrastructure such as electrical, lighting, cable raceways, trays and other components. Let Instor help you select and install the ceiling grid components that are right for your data center.

Ceiling Lighting Products

When it comes to efficiency and performance, Cree and Cooper lighting products are among the best in the business. Using LED luminaries for energy efficiency, these lights help reduce electric usage, HVAC load and maintenance costs. Optional occupancy sensors and dimming features are also available so you can only illuminate occupied areas as needed.

Some of Our Partners and Manufacturers

Some of Our Partners and Manufacturers

Why Instor?

Headquartered in Silicon Valley, we’ve served the data center industry with turnkey infrastructure solutions since 1988. From on-premise to wholesale colocation and retail colocation, we’ve provided innovative solutions for everyone from startups to Fortune 50 companies.

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