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Using a professional data center cleaning company will protect your business because our experts know the best procedures of how to clean a server room.

Keeping your data center or colocation space clean is necessary to maintain uptime and prevent damage and corrosion to IT equipment and hardware.

There are several ways that data center contaminants can enter data centers and damage IT equipment:

  • Belt debris, zinc whiskers, ferrous metals, and micro-contaminants damage equipment

  • Airborne contaminants access IT equipment directly through the cooling system

  • Contaminants enter the server room space whenever it is accessed

  • Post construction debris and contaminants can quickly damage equipment

  • Crisis situations such as flooding or fire system deployment can quickly damage equipment

Post-construction cleaning and disaster recovery cleaning services should be accessed on an as needed basis whenever construction is performed in the data center, whenever flooding occurs, or whenever fire mitigation systems deploy. In these cases, the entire data center should be thoroughly cleaned before redeploying equipment.

Scheduled cleaning should be maintained to prevent contaminants from becoming airborne and settling on equipment.  This can cause equipment to overheat, corroded hardware, and loss of uptime.

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The components of Instor’s Data Center Cleaning Services Include:

Large, post-construction debris is manually removed by hand including loose drywall debris, loose insulation debris, nails, tie-wraps, wire clippings, loose insulation debris, and loose flash metal detritus, and is disposed of outside of the data center.

The subfloor is accessed by removing controlled portions of floor tiles and vacuumed using a triple-filtered HEPA/ULPA vacuum. Static sound suppression removes post-construction particulate and ferrous metal shavings.

The ceiling plenum is vacuumed out using a triple-filtered HEPA/ULPA vacuum if it is used for returning air to the CRAC. This helps contaminants from entering the cooling system and prevents debris from falling on IT equipment.

All overhead surfaces are vacuumed using a triple-filtered HEPA/ULPA vacuum. Overhead surfaces and raceways are wiped down with a damp cloth using static-dissipating chemicals.

A detailed decontamination will be done on all IT equipment, cabinets, monitors, chairs, and desks to remove drywall and cement dust, and other post-construction residue and microcontaminants. A static-dissipating solution will be applied with microfiber applications to all IT Equipment, interior cabinet glass, door glass, and monitor screens.

The surface floor will be vacuumed with a triple-filtered HEPA/ULPA vacuum including all the crevices beneath and around IT equipment. Afterward, an anti-static, access-floor-approved solution will be applied to remove post-construction debris, marks/scuffs, and trapped microparticles.

After the post-construction full-service cleaning is completed, a full environmental audit is performed including taking a report of particle counts.

Free Download – Data Center Cleaning Checklist

These cleaning measures should be taken after a construction project or after any type of flooding or fire system deployment.

To ensure uptime, the overhead space and subfloor should be cleaned every six months. All IT equipment, as well as the floor surface, should be cleaned every three months.

In addition to providing complete data center cleaning services, Instor also provides site preparation with our Data Center Fit Up services for optimized:

  • Power Solutions

  • Cooling Solutions

  • Space Solutions

  • Data Center Relocation

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