Data Center Solutions

Instor Solutions specializes in providing data center solutions related to data center infrastructure design and builds. Whether you are upgrading an existing data center, computer room, IDF, MDF, or equipment closet, Instor transforms your available lab or data center space from white space to Equipment Ready with best-in-class solutions. We understand the complex challenges presented in the infrastructure of data center build out.

Instor is a leader in the industry by providing the latest technology solutions to power, cooling, and scalability challenges present in a data center infrastructure build out. Instor’s experts will examine not only your current data center needs, but also help you plan for future growth.

Instor will help you determine an optimized design for your requirements. When looking at your data center our data center fit up services consider; power and cooling capacity planning, server and network virtualization and consolidation, hybrid cloud, and asset lifecycle management into our solutions.

Our goal is to maximize the value of your facility, and to make it the most energy efficient as practical.

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