Sam Prudhomme Appointed President of Instor Solutions

by | Oct 18, 2021

Sam Prudhomme, a much-respected operational and sales executive in the data infrastructure industry is the new President of Instor Solutions.

He becomes the latest impressive addition to the expanding level of talent at Instor Solutions, a provider of rapid and optimized data center deployments and services.

CEO Jack Vonich explained Prudhomme’s chief responsibilities will be in the ensuing year.

“Sam will be putting in a new foundation of service to our customers and partners in a sustainable and structured way,” Vonich said. “He’ll be working with the team to advance our service delivery system to keep up with growth so we can continue to respond to our customers in the way they deserve.”

Since the company’s founding several decades ago, Instor’s offering has always been about people and technology. The company is committed to investing toward the unbending mission of putting relationships first.

“We’re responding to the demands of the industry in a way that will allow us to continue developing data infrastructure for our customers, while providing real time data and transparency during our processes,” Vonich said. “Sam will be directing this major initiative for us and we believe our customers will be able to realize the positive impact of his efforts within a year.”

“Ultimately, the goal is a more sophisticated delivery of the Instor Way,” Vonich added.

From Prudhomme’s perspective, Instor provides the perfect opportunity to apply his experience, skillset, and passion for the industry.

“My role is purely execution focused,” Prudhomme said.  “Jack and the team have created such a strong culture and they really understand who they are and where they want to go in serving customers at an even higher level.”

“Because Instor is growing so fast, it can be challenging to implement process augmentation while always being fully focused on the daily requirements of our customers. My job will be to seamlessly create processes and procedures that can augment everyone’s ability to do what they’re already doing with excellence.”

Prudhomme’s formal education was in construction management and industrial engineering. He put this knowledge to use early with roles in project management, estimation and in general construction for major projects worth millions of dollars. He directed these budgets while leading hundreds of workers.

After initially working where he grew up in South Louisiana, in 2010 he moved his family to Houston, Texas, and entered the data infrastructure industry by providing services to major telecom OEMs like Verizon, T-Mobile, Cricket and others.

Most recently, he served as Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Sub-Zero where he was responsible for market research, partner growth, channel creation, expansion of the sales department, new product development and keeping the firm on “the front foot of technology” as he describes it.

Now in his new role as president, Prudhomme will be able to tap into all of his many years of experience and training.

“Like every good opportunity, it seems to arrive when you least expect it,” Prudhomme said. “We are all kindred spirits at Instor in that we believe it’s people that matter most, even in an industry that is so technology driven.”

“My job will be to seamlessly create processes and procedures that can augment everyone’s ability to do what they’re already doing with excellence.”

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