The Perfect Storm For Data Center Builds


The convergence of record-breaking demand for data center infrastructure and the global impact of major supply chain disruptions has created an unprecedented challenge to businesses relying on growth.

In many ways it’s created the perfect storm for data center builds and infrastructure enhancements.

What are businesses doing in response to their increased need for speed in the digital space? How are they reacting to their customers’ skyrocketing demands for data storage and program interactivity?

They are building, consolidating and upgrading data centers. And, at an unbelievable pace.

The problem is that so many organizations are racing to the same open seas of data infrastructure expansion. And this at a time when the supply chain docks have been brought to a crawl.

We’ve been providing data center fit-ups for decades and have an incredibly talented and experienced team. Yet, even we are steering with both our hands on the wheel and our eyes on the rising waves during these times of surging demand for on-prem, colocation and hybrid solutions.  

Even in normally calmer waters, the design and build of data centers has always been layered with complexity. In most cases you’re working with dozens of vendors and specialized contractors as well as geographical, security and custom project requirements.

You’ve got hardware, software, a large number of components, requirements and regulations as well as the coordination of people talent, both internal and external.

Everything must be coordinated in such a precise fashion so there is minimal disruption, if at all, to the end users of this data and digital functionality. Such interruptions to daily services can prove to be extraordinarily costly in both finances and brand.

Success can be gained with skill and dexterity, and we’ve been able to assist many organizations who rely on us because we’ve captained these ships so many times before.

The solution to overcoming this perfect storm is to have exceptionally experienced and skilled project management. In today’s environment of supply chain dysfunctionality and labor shortages, it’s not “if” something will hit a rogue wave, it’s “when”. The key is being able to professionally respond.

Many times, you’re able to ensure that cabinets, cages, servers, cabling, cooling equipment, containment and ceiling are arriving and being installed in the planned order, only to discover the fire suppression equipment is suddenly and unexpectantly delayed. These complications must be overcome.

Whether designing a server room, planning an IT equipment upgrade or embarking on a full-scale data center build-out, there are many crucial steps that go into successfully completing a project.

Now more than ever, all of this requires a meticulous attention to details, and constant management of the many moving parts.

Businesses that use their own in-house staff to act as project management risk making costly and time-consuming missteps.

When your team has to juggle existing daily business activities while managing a multi-layered project plan, it will often result in task overwhelm and critical errors. These inevitably mean increased costs and project delays, not to mention frustrated team members.

We’ve managed literally hundreds of projects through the years and we tap into this experience to provide you with the smoothest implementation possible.

Your project becomes our daily obsession rather than your team’s constant distraction.

Never before has having experienced project management been more crucial. You’ll enjoy our detailed logistics and supply chain management systems that provide for you accelerated timelines and predictable launch dates.

If you’ve got data infrastructure projects in the months ahead, let us guide you through these unprecedented storms with precision and professionalism.

“Never before has having experienced project management been more crucial.”

Jack Vonich

CEO, Instor

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